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SEO: Terra incognita

SEO: Terra incognita

Is SEO yet another marketing balloon or a vital part of the corporate web site strategy?

By Vitaly Dubravin

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of techniques to show the webpage on the top of the search results. Everyone desires to be on the first page in Google. It guarantees more traffic to the site along with more customers and advertising revenue as a result.  At least, this is the way SEO is presented to newbies by the SEO-optimization companies.  SEO is positioned as a magic wand to convert barely working website into a cash cow in a matter of weeks. Should you hire a SEO expert to reshape your website? Or do it yourself (may be it is not a rocket science after all)? Or just ignore it… (can it be yet another Y2K bubble)? I’ll try to provide you enough food for thought to make the right decision yourself and not to fall into a con artist’s hands. Read more…