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Gartner’s Joseph Feiman talks about Data Masking

Joseph Feiman, Ph.D., is a research vice president and Gartner Fellow in Gartner Research. Mr. Feiman focuses on applications’ security: technologies and methodologies enabling secure software life cycle, data privacy, security of large systems and packaged applications, legacies, SOA, Web 2.0, cloud computing security, and security as a service.

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Dynamic Data Masking Inside Out

Dynamic Data Masking Engine plays an essential role in the Enterprise Security and Data Privacy frameworks

By Vitaly Dubravin

Dynamic Data Masking has grown over the years into a robust and mature product. It has become one of the primary tools to combat private information leaks from production environments. It limits, if not completely eliminates, all sensitive data exposures due to the application security design flaws, inadequate testing, ever changing regulatory requirements and aggressive production release schedule.

It is important to understand that Dynamic Data Masking (DDM) is not a replacement for a traditional data protection and security measures. It was designed to address a very specific but extremely damaging situation when private data gets in the wrong hands. Data Masking works as a proxy that secures only data communication channel and should be deeply integrated with the Enterprise Authentication and Authorization infrastructure as well as network security tools to gain maximum advantage and significantly reduce implementation and operation costs. Read more…

Dynamic Data Masking Engine as an Enterprise Security Proxy

Dynamic Data Masking Engine as an Enterprise Security Proxy

How to reduce application development costs by including dynamic data masking in the data security infrastructure.

By Vitaly Dubravin

Data leaks happen, it’s a fact. These leaks cause reputational damage, they impact day-to-day operations and trigger costly litigation processes for non-compliance. Although there is no solution that guarantees 100% assurance against data leaks there are data protection systems available to help minimize the probability of such an event. Here I’ll explain how a Dynamic Data Masking engine can operate as an Enterprise Security Proxy for all enterprise applications and why it should be a part of system and application design from day one.

Physical database server access should be prohibited and a decent firewall with intrusion detection is a necessary part of design; I’m not going to even consider the possibility of their absence. Most databases expose only one port to applications for data exchange and that single port is the source of most data leaks. Read more…

7 Pillars of a Successful Master Data Management Implementation

October 21, 2010 1 comment
7 Pillars of a Successful Master Data Management Implementation

Should I start a MDM project now or later?

By Vitaly Dubravin

Master Data Management (MDM) has become a well-recognized industry buzzword in the last few years. Most, if not all, CIOs of the large and midsize companies have spent some time and budget to explore a feasibility of the MDM solution for their companies. Yet we do not see too many completed MDM implementations.

MDM products are coming from all major players – Informatica Siperian Hub, IBM InfoSphere MDM Server, Oracle MDM Suite, SAP NetWeaver MDM, open source Talend, etc. Millions of dollars were invested into R&D to define the ultimate and the most flexible product for a fast and easy implementation. Software packages are getting cheaper and affordable for smaller-size firms. MDM product sales are growing.

Is MDM concept just another IT bubble and we can live without it, or the threats addressed by the MDM solution are real and will have a substantial bottom-line impact over the years if left alone?

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5 Practical Tips for a Master Data Management Solution

October 21, 2010 1 comment
5 Practical Tips for a Master Data Management Solution

Master Data Management, strategy, Impact on business, business process management

By Vitaly Dubravin

Master Data Management (MDM) initiative can become a trampoline for the very successful CIO career. It helps to better align IT capabilities with the business needs and to build a solid foundation for the future corporate growth. Goals of the MDM solution are ambitious, but the output is very appealing for the business.

MDM implementation faces a lot of challenges down the bumpy road. The tips below will help you to make the ride smoother and avoid the unnecessary tensions.

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